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Sacred Adventures with Maria Robinson

Energetic Healing & Support services



Nov 24, 25, 2018

Level 1 Reiki with Horses

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Chain Lakes, Alberta

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Nov 24, 25, 2018

Level 1 Reiki with Horses

Maria Robinson an accomplished Energetic Life Coach and is the owner of Sacred Adventures. Maria has been a Reiki Master for over 13  years.  She has paired together to unique combination of Reiki, loving, intuitive, healing, communication with ones self and others, with the magical presence of horses.  You receive attunements  from Maria as she supports your intuitive strengths and guides your communication with animals.

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Chain Lakes, Alberta

Nov - March

Ski Biking Season

Sunshine Ski Hill

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Nov - March

Ski Biking Season

Maria Robinson will take you on an adventure of your life.  Private Ski Biking lessons at Sunshine.  Learn how to ride like a pro in one day.  This sport is easier to learn than skiing or snowboarding.  It is gentler on the body and fun for the whole family.  Send me an email for more information.

Sunshine Ski Hill


Spiritual Life Coach

The art of creating the life you want to live.  

I help you dream the future you know you are meant to live and clear energy that is blocking you from achieving your goal.  

Energetic healing sessions assist you in releasing what no longer serves you. Connect to self love, releasing addictions, stronger spiritual connection to source/creator, strengthened immune system, breaks old patterns to understand root causes, restores wholeness and retrieves missing soul parts that have not evolved.

I am here to nurture your strengths, provide a safe place for you to dream and shed what no longer serves you.

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Usui Reiki Master

I love to teach Reiki because I get to see the beautiful gentle side of life.  Reiki supports you in connecting to your intuition, communication, and higher power.  Reiki helps you achieve peace, stress relief, compassion, and a deep understanding that we are all connected.  I love teaching Reiki and pairing it with dogs and horses because they are completely open to receive the Reiki energy and healing.  It is a great tool to bond and communicate with the animals and strengthen your understanding of the Reiki energy. 

Certified Reiki Master teaching Level 1, Level 2, and Mastery Level.

Email or call me to register for Usui Reiki training or personal healing.

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Majorville Medicine Wheel
Ancient Indigenous energy vortex accompanied by healing Despacho

Majorville Medicine Wheel

Ancient Indigenous Energy Vortex 

accompanied by Healing Despacho

Contact: Maria for future healing adventures

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Sacred Adventures Content

Sacred Adventure Services

Spiritual Life Coaching 

Providing one on one Life coaching. Fifteen years of energetic healing experience and tools to help you rewrite your story. I can assist with healing past wounds so they don't colour your choices and block you from creating the future you want to live.

Learn Reiki on Pets and Horses 

Reiki Master teaching you Level 1 Reiki to heal yourself and your beautiful pets and horses. Connecting you to be in peace and unconditional love. Helping you find and nurture your intuitive strengths. Teaching you how to communicate more effectively with the animal kingdom.

Outdoor Team Building 

Our team building program is designed to build on a companies current accomplishments and further creates workplace harmony & success through ancient healing ceremonies, meditation, and communication practices. We create a safe and caring space in nature to heal, bond, build company goals, and vision your companies dreams.

Healers and Energy Workers Special for October

20% Off Three Healing sessions for the month of October to transcend Karmic, generational, past life, and soul contracts with an ancient Hawaiian Healing Ceremony.



After years of emotional trauma and relationship struggle, my physical health had deteriorated to a point where my doctor told me if I didn't change how I was living my life, I would be looking at

a steady decline in my health. Maria and I have been friends for most of our lives yet we have not participated in many self growth classes together. When she asked me to sit in on a Level one

Reiki class I thought I was helping her out, however I quickly realized I was there for my own care and growth. Though I had taken the class with another instructor in the past, the deep self awareness and healing I experienced was profound. Maria has an

ability to hold a powerful loving space for transformation that gave me the sense of being nurtured while knowing she believed in me to stand in my own strength and affect my own healing. I went on to complete my master level training with her which propelled me

to develop my own practice. Maria's mentorship continues to positively impact my life more then 10 years after participating in her training.


Loree Cowling


April 2018

I have known Maria for 10 years and have sought her out to do energy work numerous times. I have always left a session with Maria feeling grounded, peaceful, supported and cared for. The insights and awareness that I have gained after a session are a testament to her gifts. 

Maria is skilled at creating a safe environment to explore one’s inner world. She has a respectful and gentle presence that facilitates a positive rapport and instills confidence. Maria reverently listens to gain an understanding of what the client is interested in achieving.  She may make suggestions and collaboratively a decision is made about how to proceed. 

Maria is thoughtful in considering the physical space, the context, time and goals of her client. During a session she will check in and ensure the client is feeling safe and supported. It is evident that Maria has deeply rooted beliefs that everyone can learn how to listen to the wisdom of their body. She will not provide your answers but will incite thought provoking experiences to assist in connecting to your inner wisdom. 

Whether you have extensive practise listening to your innate wisdom or you are just thinking about opening the door Maria has the expertise to guide your process. I would highly recommend Maria as a facilitator in stimulating a connection to your higher self. 

Amanda K.

Big Special for October

20% Off Three Healing sessions for the month of October

Enter to win a fourth free session or karma it to a loved one 

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About Maria Robinson

Spiritual Life Coach


Energetic Shamanic practitioner

Reiki Master

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609 Centre St. S.E. High River, AB 



I have been a Reiki Master and Shaman for over fifteen years doing one to one energy work and helping people move forward in their lives and deal with stress and anxiety. We live in a high stress and go, go society so we need people to help us reconnect to our natural state of being. 

Maria's curiosity and thirst for true inner wisdom and need to support others in finding their true essence has inspired her spiritual education and growth.  She calls upon creator to guide her and give her strength and wisdom to create for others.

Some of the results of spiritual life coaching are 

  • joy
  • inspiration
  • sense of wholeness
  • power
  • ability to release addictions
  • stronger spiritual connections to source
  • healing emotional trauma and conditioning
  • healing emotional pains and patterns from relationships
  • heal yourself,  your ancestors, and future generations
  • challenge limiting or negative beliefs
  • remove phobia's,

The art of creating the life you want to live

Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Certified master since 2006 with Sandy Day, fourth direct instructor from founder Master Mikao Usui.

Reiki is used as complimentary therapy of physical, emotional and mental wellness.  

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